Wrightsock Escape (with yellow Compostela Concha)

24.95 €

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The Wrightsock Escape (with concha) is a medium-thick, extremely breathable sock. Wrightsock is the only manufacturer to offer an anti-bladder system with their double-layered sock products:

During long walks, friction, heat and sweat cause blisters on the feet. The inner and outer layers of the Wrightsock Escape are connected in three places and can move in opposite directions. That way the skin doesn’t rub on the sock, but these two sock layers move with the movement of the foot and prevent the skin sticking to it.

When it's cool, the stride is pleasantly protecting against wind. It also keeps annoying insects away. The midfoot area is stabilized by a knitted part, that gives to foot a secure hold, even when moving the foot sideways. The inner layer of the sock is kept undyed, in order to be extra gentle to the skin. The Dri-Wright and high-tech fibers of the inner and the outer layer keep the foot dry and protect against blisters.

The Wrightsock Escape has a slightly longer shaft (depending on size about 11.5 - about 20 cm) than the Wrightsock Stride (about 8 cm).

· Reinforced stabilization zone in the midfoot area for a secure fit

· Back of the feet in mesh structure to dissipate moisture

· Inner layer: white, undyed and thus healthy for the foot

· Inner layer: 70% Dri-Wright, 26% Nylon, 4% Lycra

· Outer layer: 68% Dri-Wright, 24% Nylon, 8% Lycra

Important: If your sock size is bordering with another size, please always take the next bigger size. Wrightsock does not wear out, but after washing, they tend to get smaller and their shape optimally adapts to your feet.