Functional baselayer Undershirt (men black)

20.95 €

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Modern functional underwear increases the well-being, especially when you are walking on the Camino de Santiago for a long time. Through the perfect lightweight fabric composition of 78 % polyamide, 22 % polyester, the body sweat is transported away from the skin faster and not "stored" in the cotton fibers. The regulation of the body temperature - even when sweating - is thus much more effective. Megalight 140 by F-Lite – is a super light functional underwear recommended for the Camino de Santiago.

The Megalight 140 by F-Lite is seamlessly constructed, and consists of a lightweight fabric ideal for all sweat-generating activities - No shivering, optimal moisture transport, fast drying and great comfort. It has a continuously improved quality and fit!
Additional benefits include:

no elastane = no accumulation of water = no shivering;

body mapping after 5-6 minutes of wearing;

lightweight feel;

temperature regulating (keeps the body temperature at optimum 37°c)

Additionally, a good functional underwear reduces the risk of wounds through rubbing (e.g., under the armpits) and prevents sores. The benefit is, that you have a comfortable feeling even after long, sweaty trek, without arriving at your destination feeling "soaking wet". Incidentally, the risk of a chill during the breaks is reduced, as you do not have to pause and endure the wet cotton T-shirt sticking to your body.

  • dries super-fast even after hand washing
  • lightweight t-shirt with U-neck (140g / m2)
  • snug, comfortable fit
  • anatomically adapted to the female body
  • Body mapping
  • seamless
  • high breathability
  • pleasantly dry feeling
  • cools on hot days

Weight: approx. 90 g

Material: Polyamide 78%, Polyester 22%

Color: black