Arar Vino de Autor

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After the fermentation in small stainless-steel tanks, at a controlled temperature, this wine matures between 14 and 18 months in new French barrels of different wood.

An enticing nose of cocoa the flavour leads on to a broad, rich palate brimming with fruit over spices. The power of this wine is clear, yet it is smooth and supple with real depth.

In the mouth, the wine behaves fleshy and well-structured with aromas of red fruits and a distinctive acidity to it. In the finish fine roasted aromas come through with a slightly bitter note. In summary, Arar Vino de Autor is an elegant, fruity wine with a woody character, which presents itself elegantly in the form of spices and toasted aromas both in the nose and in the mouth.

Bodega: Arranz-Argote content

Content: 0.75 l

Year: 2004

Origin: D.O Rioja

Varietal: Tempranillo (85%), Graciano, Mazuelo, Garnacha, Maturana tinta, Navarretana

Alcohol: 13.5%

Bodegas y Viñedos Arranz - Argote: The Bodega Arranz - Agote is the smallest bodega in the Rioja growing area, which gives it a very special charm. The winery of Carlos J. Arranz and Daniel F. Argote is located in the center of the historic town of Navarrete. The two winemakers, each of whom also has a family background in winegrowing, joined forces in 2001 to realize their project idea of ​​wonderful wine. Taking advantage of the unique climatic conditions, as well as new French barrels, the two create a high-quality wine with its own personality.

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